By Felicia Yulianti 

Senior writer at ALVEO 

At school, people usually understand 5W1H as a tool to construct proper news paragraphs in language subjects. Further, at university, 5W1H becomes students’ method to use in compiling a good report.

The 5W1H method is shorthand for “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.” Answers to these questions are the basis for information gathering, so as to communicate a clear situation. This method is often used in research and journalism. The method can also be used in major disciplines, including psychology, business, economics, engineering, and more. The information is then formulated to make a deep analysis.

Therefore, by using ‘the current emergence of online course’ as the case study, here are the example of how to make analysis using the 5W1H method:

This is the typical first question to solve a problem by giving a question such as ‘what is the problem’. This element aims to describe the problem or issue that is discussed. In the study case, the formulation could be ‘what is online course’ or ‘what is the urgency of online course’ before moving on to the next data collection.

This question refers to the actor behind the issue. This question is used to analyze who the significant people are involved in a certain topic, issue, problem. For today’s study case, the question can be ‘who use the online course’. There, the second question will bring people closer to the deep analysis.

This element questions the location of the event. It is used to map the occurrence of an event. Thus, certain actions could be taken based on the specific area affected by the event. For instance, the question for the study case might be ‘where is the area with the most online course users.

In the 5W1H method, this element focuses on the time of the occurrence of an event. With specific time explained by using the ‘when’ element, people can gather information and map the issue more accurately and reliably. The type of question for the study case is likely ‘when did online course start emerging’.

This element might be the most crucial question in the deep analysis as it brings more exploration to the issue. ‘Why’ focuses on the reason or background of the issue. In the study case, the type of question could probably be ‘why does online course emerge’.

‘How’ is the last element in 5W1H methods, but it is not less significant in making analysis. It focuses more on the process of the issue. In the study case, the type of question might be ‘how does online course work’. This kind of question will lead to many factors that contribute to the issue that can give people more understanding and insight on how it works.

Those are the explanation with an example of how to make analysis using the 5W1H method. It is highly suggested to use 5W1H as a guideline and basic reference in constructing analysis. Thus, the analysis becomes solid with comprehensive information.

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