Aulia Rachmat Sungkar, or Ollie as he is affectionately called, co-founded Alveo in 2016. Yet, his journey in the world of writing stretches back to over two decades prior. The Jakarta based writer and entrepreneur (writerpreneur) has contributed hundreds of various writing pieces to esteemed publications in Indonesia and Singapore, as well as other works such as journals and books. After living in the US for nine years, in the pursuit of his academic degrees and work experience, he later decided to embark on the realm of journalism, corporate and creative writing.

Operated under PT Alveo Wira Indonesia, the ability to understand your communication needs is what has earned Alveo a trusted record of getting the job done. With service excellence as the core of our business approach, the former editor of The Jakarta Post being the helm of the company leads a dedicated team of in-house professionals, catering to clients from various industries, with such services as writing, editing and translation. We also offer media relations services for publication exposure as well as in-house training to hone your English and Indonesian proficiency.

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