By Felicia Yulianti 

Senior writer at ALVEO

“Making grammar mistakes is quite common, even among native speakers.”

Although it may be applicable in casual conversation, it is not always the case when it comes to writing, especially business writing. In fact, grammar in business writing is essential. As time progresses and we are currently in the content-driven era, business written contents—such as press releases, newsletters, proposals, websites, articles, social media captions, and many more—become the representative of where we work. Those contents will engage with customers and other stakeholders. Making grammatically-correct business content becomes a must.

I highlight some of the critical reasons why grammar is essential in business writing.

1.Build good corporate reputation

The contents are the face of the company. The contents you make will give the first impression to the recipients, be it customers and other business stakeholders. A grammatically-correct business content signifies professionalism, attention to detail, traits that the recipients mostly look for. Therefore, agrammatically-correct written communication is required as it increases the business follow-up.

2.Deliver message effectively

The improper use of comma in a sentence, for instance, can make a significant change in meaning. How can you deliver the corporate message effectively if the content is ambiguous? This is the role of grammar in business writing, to ensure that no grammatical mistake is visible that hinder the recipient to understand the information.

3.Increase efficiency

A good business written content can lead to an increase in work efficiency. How come? Due to the clear message of the content, the recipients can make a quick decision. For instance, a car-rental advertisement content clearly states the call of action without any typo and grammatical error. The potential customer call customer service and surely this will make the transaction become more efficient.

Regardless of the company size or the sectors, the companies should understand the importance of good grammar in business writing and apply it. How to produce the grammatically-correct business written content? Proofread the content thoroughly. Use the spellchecker website or app to help you notice the grammatical mistake. Ask your colleague as a beta reader. This way can significantly decrease a grammatical error in writing.

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