By Aulia R. Sungkar. The writer is director of ALVEO 

Copy editing and proofreading are the two common types of editing that are often used interchangeably, usually by those people who don’t know the difference. In fact, copy editing and proofreading are separate tasks, each serving its own functions.

A copy editor is tasked with checking for as well as correcting grammar mistakes, typos, inconsistencies, redundancies and punctuation issues. If necessary, a copy editor may also do a rewrite to make a write-up read better, especially in terms of transitions, terminology and writing style. After the copyediting process is completed, the next process is proofreading.

What basically a proofreader does is to check for quality before a writing piece or other type of publication, like a book, goes into production. A proofreader does not suggest major changes in the text. Instead, he or she is tasked with finding and correcting typographical errors, including minor text and punctuation typos, as well as making sure that there are no missing pages and confirming the material is ready for publication.

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