By Aulia R. Sungkar (Ollie)

Director at ALVEO

You might find yourself in a situation where you are required to write a book review. You might need to do it for class credits, for your book club or you might just want to share your thoughts on a book you just read on sites like Goodreads. Regardless of the purpose, if you are in need of advice for writing a good book review, do be sure to take a look at some of the following quick tips to ensure you publish the best possible review you can write.

Start with a synopsis

Summarizing the plot and explaining basic details about the book like its genre is a good way to kick off. This will provide readers with context as to why you’ve written your review. Another important thing to note is readers use synopses to ascertain interest based on their reading preferences. 

Avoid spoilers

Although you are encouraged to provide a synopsis, be sure to avoid giving away any of the major plot twists. After all, your goal as a reviewer is to get people to purchase the book you have reviewed. They can’t get the same experience out of reading the book you are recommending if you have spoiled it for them. Remember that you are the reviewer, not the storyteller. 

Showcase book highlights

What makes the book you are reviewing unique compared to other available books in the market? As a reviewer, you should highlight the aspects you found interesting from the book, be it the premise, the content, the production, or even the author’s background. This could spark your reader’s curiosity and get them to buy and read the book.

To balance things out, be sure to briefly explain the aspects of the book that you didn’t find yourself enjoyable, including the reasons for disfavoring of the said aspects.  

Find a way the book relates to your reader

To wrap up your book review, be sure to end with an impressive closing statement. One way is to show how the book can provide solutions for problems that your readers may have. Here is an example: “Having a hard time dealing with things going on with your life? In that case, Reinventing Your Life may be the book you need to help you find the root of your problems and overcome them.” This way, readers can understand the importance of getting the book you are reviewing for their benefit.

Give it a rating

Ratings may not be mandatory for book reviews, though they are encouraged. The usual “out of five or ten” ratings found in most book reviews is typically adequate. Alternatively, you can also go with a binary “recommended” or “not recommended” rating system. 

We hope that this article can help you in writing book reviews. It’s always exhilarating to get people to read the books you love!

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